Friday, February 25, 2011


Dress: Free People
Vest: Thrifted
Necklace: Street Vendor
Sweater: F21

Just a quick post, since class is in a few minutes! It's a workday, though, so nothing too horrible. 
It's a magnificent day out, and I really couldn't ask for a more beautiful Friday afternoon. Hopefully it'll hold through the weekend!

Here's what I'm working on illustration:

Another work-in-progress, updated from last time. I added some watercolor and I'm cleaning it up and finishing it with digital elements. I sort of like how it's turning out, though, so I hope it keeps going that way!

One last thing: that dress I wanted from Modcloth but didn't end up buying (the Floral Designer dress)? It was marked down to $27!! Soooo very glad I waited, since I was able to pick up a Ryu dress I wanted for a while for the same price as well. It was almost like buy one free. :'D


  1. Yes! A floral dress. I love love love floral print. I have quite a little collection in my closet :-) xoxo

  2. your floral dress is super cute and the illustration looks like it's coming along really well!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. lucky you with that modcloth dress! i get too scared to wait sometimes! the dress ur wearing is so cute! and your illustration--i really like it!


  4. I love the illustration and the outfits too. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too, soon.


  5. Love the floral dress!


  6. love your hair & that illustration is brilliant. x hivennn

  7. Yayay for the dress you were desiring being marked down - so exciting! I can't wait to see you styled in it!

    Ooh, this illustration gets better each and every time I see it - gorgeous!! :)

  8. Amazing dress. It looks soo sweet on you :D
    and the drawing O_O
    Sooo cool!

    xxx London & Paris

  9. Wow that piece is gorgeous! You say it's unfinished? I quite like the pencil lines on it as it is, be sure to take lots of snaps as you go! jazzy ♥

  10. Ah. I see. You're one of these terribly talented artistic types! Your illustration is fabulous and leaves me feeling inadequate in so many ways! :) lol! You truly are fantastic.

  11. i love ur outfit :)


  12. love your outfit and illustration!

  13. the printed dress is so cute :) and the illustration is absolutely adorable :)


  14. your outfit is adorable. but that illustration is unreal!! i love everything about it!! i want to see it finished. its so neat how it's like pieces of you.

    i noticed you comment on a lot of the same blogs as me so i wanted to see what you were all about.

    i guess i better follow you to see the finished product!


  15. I think I used to have a vest just like that! It was from H&M and I wore it with everything. :D I love how you layered it over your pretty dress. Really great work on your self portrait too.

  16. YAY to modcloth sales! (Seriously, they're the greatest!) and I love THIS floral dress. I'm excited to see the Modcloth one:)

  17. Amazing dress! I love the print!

    The Flower Girl

  18. the drawing is absolutely gorgeous <3 x


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