Thursday, February 3, 2011

Burn it Back Down

Shirt: Junk Food
Pants: Target
Shoes: Mudd
Watch: Hot Topic

Simple outfit today. We were doing some painting during my figure class and I didn't want to get any of my nice clothes messy. I picked up the pants on sale at Target, and I think it's one of two pairs I have with me in my dorm at the moment. I must own the most dresses and skirts on campus. XD

(click for a bigger image!)

I've been thinking a lot about the book my sister and I are going to put together, and here are some sketches for it! Dust, Ulysess (he's from the sequel! I'm so late in illustrating it that she's actually started writing the second book!), Peter, Wendy and Wendy. 
There's a comic as well as a book, so that's why the styles are a bit different from sketch to sketch. I'm thinking the one on the far right could be a cover, with a bit more work. XD

Here's some songs I've been enjoying lately; especially the first! A reader suggested it, and I haven't been able to stop listening to it. :D


  1. wow. you can really draw:) that's so awesome. I like!:D can't wait to see more. such a cool project.

  2. You have an adorable haircut. I like your drawings as well. Very jealous!

  3. Ah yes, the arcade fire is so wonderful!

    the little buckles on the flats are super cute.

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. Rococo is easily the best song on the album. I was just talking about it tonight, actually.

    Rocking the bleached pants! Woo hoo!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) you are very talented :) beautiful drawings

    Love, Vanilla

  6. Great sketches, you are really talented =) And thank you for stopping by my blog =)

  7. Wow those sketches are great!! And your hair by the way, is super cute. Makes me want to chop all mine off again xx

  8. I seriously want to decorate my entire bedroom with your illustrations - you are just so talented!! :)

  9. The outfit looks very fun & rock'n'roll : )
    I have a bunch of pairs of mudd shoes — I like them alot!

    The drawings are cool : )

  10. thank you :)

    i'm happy to hear you like it too :)

    and nice pictures, i'm jealous ^^

  11. lovely sketches! you have cool hair too!

    The Flower Girl


  12. beautiful sketches, you're really talented!


  13. oo great blog,you look gorgeous

  14. Again, you are crazy talented! These sketches are so good :)

    When I first saw your blog name I thought of that Arcade Fire song too--it's pretty good, huh?


  15. oh you are so cute <33
    i love your hair!
    cool outfit too! :)
    -Rosie xx

  16. Your hair is so cute!

    And the sketch is fantastic!

  17. love those trousers, and your hair. Has anyone ever told you you look like carey mulligan?

  18. cool sketches!! you're awesome. and i love arcade fire (:

  19. I am the same way. I am always at a loss when I have to wear pants. It takes me a while to find one of my two pairs.


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