Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hey There!

This is pretty much my first post of my first blog ever...besides Deviantart, I haven't ever posted journals or such online. No, Tumblr doesn't count. :/

Yesterday we spent New Years at Downtown Disney to celebrate, and since it was my sister's birthday. Super fun, but, you know, super-busy.
Candy Apple making at Marlene's Confectionary. We always buy lots of fudge from them, but never any of the apples, which is kind of a pity.

(Inside! <3 )

I'm addicted to jelly beans, but only the ones that taste like dessert (I picked out Strawberry Cheesecake, Marshmallow and Cotton Candy....with some peanut m&ms....). I'm even wearing my Disney Couture necklace in honor of the visit (Beauty and the Beast, of course).

We crashed at the Grand Californian for a while, which was still all decked for Christmas. There was even a fire, which was awesome.

Happy 2011!

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