Thursday, January 6, 2011

How Nerds Dress Up...

I'm a massive Disney fan; I love the movies, the parks, the (old) cartoons...I even want to work for them someday, even if it's just as janitorial staff.
So, when I found out there was Disney Couture about a year ago, I bought more Disney apparel than is probably healthy. Besides this shirt, there's two more I have (I definitely have more, but they're not the 'Couture' kind), then there's a necklace and a charm bracelet as well. Even bought a pair of Ariel hoops as a gift for my sister's birthday this year. o.o

Snow White's not even my favorite; Belle comes first, then Tiana (same animator! :D)
But it's definitely one of my favorite illustrations from "The Art of the Disney Princess", which is an awesome book and they based a lot of the shirts off it.
If they add any 'Gargoyles' items to the line, my budget will never recover. D:

Shirt: Disney Couture
Skirt: H&M
Belt: Forever 21


  1. I love Disney too!!! I've had many annual passes and really wish I had one this year too :( Your top is amazing! She's my favorite Disney villain ^,^

  2. She definitely scared me the most as a kid; ESPECIALLY the ride where she just jumps out at you like that. D:

    Thank you!!

  3. Mulan is my favorite. Then it is a tie between Ariel and Belle. Malificent was far more interesting than Snow White though! I love this outfit. It is so playful and fun!

  4. Malificent was freaky too, but the Wicked Queen gave me a few nightmares. XD

  5. Oh gosh, the evil queens will forever be my favourite characters. I adored Malificent! This shirt is cute, I love Disney, too, but I'd say you're a bigger fan ;D

  6. Your blog is beautiful!
    -* You have such a unique look.

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  7. Like the shirt!!! nice blog

  8. Hi there!
    Happy I found your blog!
    It's lovely, thanks for sharing your thoughts and such great inspiration. Keep it up darling!
    I love disney cotoure!

    Wanna be followers? Let me know!

    Love from Stockholm.. xoxo!

  9. I love love Disney Couture - it looks amazing on you!! :)

  10. oh wow what a cool shirt, never heard of disney couture before.. thanks for sharing!

    p.s beauty and the best is my all time favorite!


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