Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Alterations

It seems like all the dresses I buy are made for summer...I guess that's why they're on sale. :(
I got this one from Modcloth a few weeks ago knowing I probably couldn't wear it until it got a lot warmer (or the semester started up again and I headed back to FL), but when it came in it was just too cute and I had to give it a shot.
So; belted it (Forever 21)
...added brown tights (Target) and a sweater (Forever 21)

and borrowed some Doc Marten's. :D

I don't think I can put sweaters over all my dresses, though, so new ways of converting my dresses into insulators need to be thought of. D:


  1. I have to convert my dresses pretty often. Shirts and blouses underneath and/or jackets and cardigans overtop usually work. Sometimes you can add a pullover or even a sweatshirt to a dress to have only the skirt part showing, so it looks like seperates. And tights, tights, tights!!! Some warm tights are a must for insulating a dress. :)
    I have also seen some people find a way to tuck in the skirt portion of their dress so that the bodice works as a top, but I have not figured that one out. I always just end up with a bunch of fabric bunched up around my butt!

  2. I know, right?? I've tried that with my romper, but it seems to look a little funny.
    And yes; I love my tights. Must've bought 4 pairs in the last month. :D

  3. You got some cute things happenin in here.
    Keep em rollin

  4. I find myself winterizing summer dresses all the time!
    They are too cute to pack away for half the year, right?

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. They really are; and the stores are practically giving them away during the winter!

  6. i always stick up gorgeous summer dresses during winter..i mean u could get it less than half the price..i mean a lil big size doesnt make that much of a difference...U look adorable..love the dress and the Doc

  7. Hey I really like your blog :) creative and for some reason seems to make me want summer more :| must be the lovely warm colours!
    Following :) xxx

  8. @Jess: Thank you! :'D
    @Fashionista: They're pretty awesome, but they're massively heavy as well. :o

  9. FANTASTIC blog and post!!

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  10. Ooh, there is something so Mad Men-inspired about this ensemble that I can't help but to love. Gorgeous!! :)

  11. Haha, yes! Mad Men's one of my favorite "newish" shows...guess it's starting to show. :D

  12. I think you did a great job winterizing this dress. It looks really cute with the tights and sweater.


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